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Sanyika (the Doula) Williams

As a passionate advocate for empowered birthing experiences, Sanyika is a dedicated doula supporting families in Houston, Texas, and beyond. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate presence to each journey, empowering clients to make informed choices and achieve a positive, fulfilling birth.

About Sanyika

Sanyika is a birth, postpartum doula and birth photographer who has supported over 100 families in their transition into parenthood. Her approach is personalized, holistic, and educational. She draws on her personal and professional experience with the healthcare system, chest/breastfeeding, and mentorship to guide her support.

Sanyika has always been interested in birth but became addicted to it when she began her journey as a doula. Her mother gave birth to both of her children naturally and encouraged Sanyika to do the same, which sparked her curiosity in the birthing process. After watching the documentary "The Business of Being Born," she realized the importance of support during childbirth, and after the empowering delivery of her first child, it became her apparent to her that she needed to work in the birth world. She considers herself an advocate, providing tools, support, and a voice for birthing individuals during their most vulnerable time during labor and delivery.

Pregnancy and those first precious months with a newborn can be a whirlwind. Sanyika understands that. She's not there to steer you, but to walk alongside you on your own path to motherhood. From capturing the intense pre-birth moments on camera to offering a calming presence during labor, her passion shines through. After baby arrives, she's there to answer your questions on breastfeeding, babywearing, or simply to offer a listening ear and a helping hand. Sanyika is a friend, a guide, and a source of support for this incredible new chapter in your life.​

Sanyika is dedicated to providing exceptional maternal care, which has led her to establish Here for You Doulas LLC, a doula company. Her primary objective is to serve families to the highest capacity and to achieve this, she has organized a team (or as she likes to put it, the team found her) of passionate doulas, each with unique specialties. Here for You Doulas is dedicated to empowering families by providing them with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to make informed decisions and have positive non-traumatic birth experiences.

Sanyika is a wife and mother of two who takes great pride in supporting her family's interests and goals, always being their biggest cheerleader. She is a tea aficionado who enjoys collecting passport stamps, watching movies, bowling and dancing. Sanyika proudly holds the “Scout Mom” title and has an unusual joy for selling Girl Scout cookies with her daughter. So please let her know if you are in need, lol. In addition to all these things, Sanyika is an adrenaline junkie, with minimal fear of heights or speed. When her feet are on solid ground, she enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks while driving or cooking dinner.

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