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In an effort to support families as greatly as possible, I have added some additional services and products to my collection. Please see the details below or schedule a free consultation for any and all questions.

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Belly binding - $...

Originated from the Malaysian culture, performed by Sanyika 

Bengkung Technique- Wrapping the abdomen to promote healing and provide support, benefits include: 

  • Holds the abdominal wall together, aids in supporting and preventing diastasis recti

  • Improves posture while breastfeeding, changing diapers, and holding baby

  • Helps close ribs and hips from shifting that occurred during pregnancy and birth

  • Keeps body warm while in a ‘cold state’, postpartum chills

  • Assists in the process of releasing retained water, fat and air from the abdomen

  • Decreases postpartum bleeding time

  • Helps with pelvic floor support

Depending on your delivery method (vaginal or cesarean) there are different time windows for when binding will be beneficial for YOU! 

Placenta encapsulation  - $350

Holistic Postpartum Care

The placenta contains various hormones and vitamins that, when consumed, aid in ​replenishing essential nutrients in your body:

  • Restore iron levels

  • Increase your milk supply

  • Stabilize normal mood fluctuations

  • Release endorphins (think pain & stress relief!)

  • And more! 

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TENS UNIT rental - $75

Pain Management Device

  • A handheld device utilized to alleviate pain perception by transmitting electrodes to pulse sensations throughout the body

  • Users have the ability to adjust the frequency, intensity, and duration of electrical pulses.


Water Labor and Birth Support

Birth pools offer various benefits during labor and delivery including:

  • Pain and stress relief

  • Improved mobility and posture

  • Reduced risk of tearing 

  • May reduce the need for medical interventions

Will come with birth pool and disposable liner

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