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The traditional practice of wrapping one's belly post-childbirth is an ancient art that was first implemented in Asia,Europe and Latin America. There are a couple of different wrapping techniques but all commonly use very long strips of cloth wound firmly around a mother’s midsection after giving birth to a child. These wrapping sessions continue until the mother’s abdomen returns to normal;making the cloth shortened and tightened. In Japanese culture it is called ‘saraashi’, Hispanic culture calls it ‘faja’, and in Malaysian culture it is a ‘bengkung’.

Bengkung Technique

This binding method has gained popularity in the USA and is the technique Saniyka the Doula has been equipped to do. In the Malaysian tradition, new mamas have their tummy bound for the first 44 days of postpartum.  Malaysian women believe the womb is the center to women's wellness and believe it is ESSENTIAL to be taken care of in all stages of life; but ESPECIALLY after-birth. This tradition originated at the palaces with the princesses, who used it to help them ‘bounce back’, and quickly spread across the land and is still actively being practiced.


When to bind

  • Depending on your birth outcome (vaginal birth, or cesarean) there is a different time window for when it will be beneficial for YOU! 

  • With a vaginal delivery it is recommended that you start binding as soon as you are 24 hours after birth and continue with binding sessions after.

  • Now, with cesarean births, the surgery recovery time is longer and binding isn’t recommended until 5 to 6 days postpartum, with the binding stopping above the incision. These binding sessions will be wrapped lightly and used more for support, but wrapping will get tighter as the incision heals.


Benefits of Belly Binding

  • Belly binding has many benefits to you and your body; listed below are a few great ways it helps:

  • Holds the abdominal wall together, which in turn supports/prevents diastasis recti

  • Improves posture while breastfeeding, changing diapers, and holding baby

  • Stabilizes loosened ligaments and helps close ribs and hips, that shifted during pregnancy and birth

  • Supports the abdomen while organs shift back to pre-pregnancy position and size

  • Keeps body warm while in a ‘cold state’/postpartum chills

  • Speeds up the process of releasing retained water, fat and air from the abdomen

  • Decreases postpartum bleeding time

  • Helps with pelvic floor support

Postpartum Healing Package

  • Herbal Sitz bath, Bengkung Binding, Belly Firming Paste,  Homemade Postpartum Soup (with turkey or vegan)

  • Herbal Sitz Baths are used to heal the perineum area after birth, aids in shorter recovery of time by soothing  tender/inflamed tissue, help heal tears, reduce hemorrhoids, and a great way to PAMPER yourself

  • Bengkung Belly binding + Belly Firming Paste(ATTACH HYPERLINK TO BELLY BINDING PAGE)

  • Homemade Postpartum Soup will help with healing and nourish during the postpartum period

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